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    Water not entering unit

    Well I know the water is not actually entering the unit. After the cycle their is dry detergent laying on the bottom of the unit. I can just hear water going out through the kitchen drain after the...
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    GE PDW8480J10SS Inside Machine Dry

    Model Number: PDW8480J10SS
    Brand: GE
    Age: Less than 1 year

    The Machine has barely been used. After the cycle which seems to go to completion the inside is dry. I can hear water emptying into...
  3. Amana Dryer No Heat on Automatic (Dryer-Less Dry) Setting

    Model Number: NED5100TQ1
    Brand: Brand
    Age: 6-10 years

    Dryer works on all settings except More Dry to Less Dry Automatic Setting. When set to that there is no heat. Was told by a shop here...
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