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Thread: Disherwasher Noise

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    Disherwasher Noise

    Model Number: GLD4355RFSO
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 1-5 years

    The dishwasher motor makes a lot of noise when it is running. However, when you push the motor to one side or the other the noise stops. When I put a piece of wood under the motor it also stops the noise for awhile but then starts agan. Do you suppose that it has to have a new motor? Has anyone had this problem?

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    From the sounds of it, I think you are describing the circulation pump (the pump that sprays the water around inside the dishwasher), not the drain pump? If the pump is getting noisier than normal (sometimes they will make a grinding/growling sound), it is usually the bearings/seals in the motor going bad. If this is the case, if you let it go long enough, the pump will eventually start to leak water and/or eventually seize up and not do anything. The only fix for it is going to be to replace the pump.

    Note, I have seen some brand new pumps make noise from the factory. Frigidaire pumps are not always the quietest.

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