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Thread: Washer won't fill on any water temp. It does spin though.

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    Washer won't fill on any water temp. It does spin though.

    Model Number: WTW57ESVW1
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: Less than 1 year

    Good morning,

    this site is amazing. I have recommended it to many of my friends/co-workers.

    Last week, my washer stopped filling with water. It actually stopped in the middle of the load. It got to the rinse phase but stopped dead. I could turn the dial and it would spin, but will not fill any longer. I tried every setting, every water temperature, I cleaned the inlet valve screens, tried only hooking up the cold water line (also switched it from cold to hot)...nothing would work.
    Through research and troubleshooting on this site, it sounded like the water sensing/temp sensing switch. So I ordered W10248240 from this site. I replaced the switch very easily and the washer started working again...however, it died again in the middle of the load. Is it possible that switch sensor went bad already?

    Thank you in advance,

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    It is possible that the water temp/sensing switch went bad already, but it is not very likely that the switch would go bad after one use and have the exact same problem as the other one did. It sounds to me like the water inlet valve might be bad. The water inlet valve has a separate valve for the hot and cold temperatures. Most washers rinse using only cold water, so if the cold valve on the washer failed, then it will stop when it gets to the rinse cycle. You will need to do a voltage test at the valve to see if the valve is good or bad. When the valve has 120v going to the valve, it should be filling with water (you will need to test this for the hot and cold). If it doesn't fill, then the valve part# W10175893 will need to be replaced. When the valve fails, switching the hoses around won't do any good... it just confuses the washer even more. So leave the hoses in their correct positions.

    These components on your washer could all cause problems with the washer not filling with water. Sensing switch, Timer, Water Inlet Valve, flowmeter, and lid switch. You will need to make some checks to determine which part is bad.

    This is the water inlet valve for your washer:

    Water Inlet Valve - W10175893
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    Thank you Doc,
    I agree with you that it sounds like the switch went bad already only because I tried the dials on the washer over a 3 or 4 day period just in case it on all different settings and the H or C water would not fill at all. And the instant I replaced that switch it started working. I wash almost all of my clothes in cold water. In fact, after replacing the water/temp sensor, the load that was being washed when it quit 1/2 way through was a cold water load.
    I don't have a voltage meter, so it sounds like I may have to call in a repairman for this one unless it IS the temp switch I just ordered and it is bad...maybe can help me with a replacement. Is there a way I can test the water/temp sensor?

    Thank you...and sorry for the delay.


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