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Thread: forced defrost mode

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    forced defrost mode

    Model Number: rf217acrs
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    on this model of refrigerater is it possible to get it on fridge side on forced defrost mode two or more times to defrost it and be able to remove back panel and install new modification defrost sensor? also will this affect the freezer side while doing this? also what would be the best way to defrost the fridge side to repair it without possible damaging the seal on the back panel

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    I do not know of a way to force defrost on your model refrigerator. I would recommend, unplugging the refrigerator leaving the refrigerator door open for a while. This should thaw it out enough to remove the back panel to access the evaporator coil. Next use a blow dryer to melt the frost on the evaporator coil. Make sure not to get the plaster liner too hot or it could melt. After you have melted the frost, install your new part(s) and you should done.
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    Good afternoon - I am looking for the series of buttons to push to get to FORCED DEFROST on a Samsung RF28HDEDBSR. I can get the panel to flash all lights by holding FREEZER and FRDGE buttons simultaneously but I don't know what to push next to activate FORCED DEFROST.

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    There is a service manual on the following

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