Model Number: PFSS6PKXBSS
Brand: GE
Age: 6-10 years

As most others, the ice maker stopped working. The problem I am having is on the Non-LCD door panel the "Ice Lock" icon is lit up. I have tried several times cycling through by holding the button for 3 seconds, but I cannot get that icon to disappear. Is there something else I can try to do to reset it? I have unplugged the refrigerator too. Looks like my software revision is 2.02 on the main board. Serial # is LS550253. I have also tried to remove the ice maker itself to inspect it but I cannot seem to get it disconnected. I have unscrewed the lower side panel and located the plastic tab. I push (or pull? can't remember) and try to pull the ice maker forward and down but it won't budge, any ideas on that? Can I just replace the ice maker and skip replacing the main board? Everything else has always worked fine, just no ice!