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Thread: Kenmore doesn't drain - replacement part not exact match

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    Kenmore doesn't drain - replacement part not exact match

    Model Number: 36314395990
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: 6-10 years

    I have a Kenmore dishwasher that does not drain. Purchased a solenoid kit (WD21x802), as the likely remedy. However, the bracket that holds the new solenoid does not match the bracket from the old solenoid. (Nothing extends from the bracket immediately surrounding the solenoid to the pump - to which it needs to be attached.) I modified the old bracket by removing the portion that holds the solenoid, and attached the new solenoid (along with the metal piece holding it) with waterproof silicone. Hopefully this will work, but is there not a replacement part that better matches the original?

    Also, I had originally removed the new solenoid from the new bracket thinking I could slip it into the old bracket. This only served to cause frustration becasue the old bracket became bent and I decided to place the new solenoid back into the bracket supplied with it. Of course the bracket was a bit bent at that point and would not return to it's exact original form, so that is also requiring some adhesion efforts. If the solenoid is not placed exactly back in the bracket, will that cause it to not work properly? It doesn't seem that precision placement is absolutely necessary - just checking.
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    Do you have the ability to post some pictures for me?
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    I will if I have a chance. Thanks.

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    My question was answered on Saturday. The waterproof silicone I had used to modify the old bracket to use with the new solenoid part also successfully held the solenoid into the bracket I pried it out of during the first modify attempt. Installed the new/modified part on Saturday with the help of a 12 year old assistant - whose extra pair of hands were very useful in threading the water supply and drain hose back under tha sink - and ran a cycle, successfully draining all water from the dishwasher. Everyone in that household is quite pleased.

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