Hi All,

This forum has been a great help in diagnosing my fridge issue.

My KitchenAid (KBFS25ETSS01) had the same problem (loud rat a tat tat and vibration near water filter housing, very low pressure from water filter).

I ordered a replacement filter housing, which came with the filter bypass plug. Before doing the install, i replaced the filter with the bypass plug, to test out that it wasn't the filter.

With the bypass plug installed, there's no noise/vibration issue. Could the filter housing be broken only with a filter in it, regardless of whether the filter itself is good/bad? I ask because I've had this problem with filters from 2 different manufacturers, so it's not an old filter issue. The 2 different filters were not OEM, but they had positive reviews with no mention of this noise/vibration issue.

Thanks for any advice,