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Thread: How To I access Controller Board ...Whirlpool gold fridge, freezer on bottom

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    How To I access Controller Board ...Whirlpool gold fridge, freezer on bottom

    Model Number: GB2FHDXWQ00
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have a 2 year old Whirlpool Gold, freezer at bottom, 22 cf fridge. I started having problems with the lights and temperature controller working properly. Apparently this model has a well known problem with the defective controller board in the year I purchased it. I looked up the controller replacement board pn from Whirlpool , 12868513. There is no schematic or good mechanical drawing. I found the controller is located in a housing in front of the fresh foot light from Whirlpool poor drawings. I can slide the light cover off easily. But I see no screws for removing the housing cover for the controller. Nor are there any obvious tabs for popping it out. The housing appears to be one integral piece which includes the light sockets and the controller forward of the sockets. I don't want to order the controller until I am convinced I can remove the housing without breaking it. So any hints how to pop the housing out of the fridge would be appreciated. Also if you know anything about the specific problems on the controller board and if Whirlpool has really fixed the problems with the new boards, or if I will need to replace every two years will be appreciated very much.

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