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Thread: burnt motherboard

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    burnt motherboard

    Model Number: pts22lbnarbb
    Brand: GE
    Age: 6-10 years

    motherboard has burnt spot back of 12v dc 20a/250v black component. symptom was intermittent freezing and thawing. now no compressor or fan runs. I will replace motherboard wr55x10942.
    Will this likely cure the problem, or is there possibly another component causing the motherboard to burn? thank you

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    With these symptoms it is usually a failure of just the main board. I would also recommend to check to make sure the condenser fan motor next to the compressor is running after the new board is installed.

    This is the main control board for your refrigerator:

    Main Control Board - Part # PD00000994 (mfg # WR55X10942)
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