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Thread: Smeg Dishwasher stops mid-cycle

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    Smeg Dishwasher stops mid-cycle

    Model Number: DF612SE
    Brand: Other
    Age: 1-5 years

    I would like to ask a question or two regarding our smeg DF612SE which is currently malfunctioning. Symptoms are as follows:
    1) Start the machine on bio wash: cycle works for about 30mins and ends up on an E8 error message, then turns into an E6 error message and then after a while the machine is on but all the lights go out apart from the power switch.
    2) I then switch the machine off, power light comes on, but no other lights illuminate. If I leave the machine powered off (from the mains) I can repeat the whole process as above again.
    3) I have changed the PCB and also the circuit boards behind the lights and the same thing happens so I can assume maybe that these are not at fault.
    4) I have also changed the float switch but the same thing happens.

    I would appreciate your help to resolve this!

    Kind regards

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    I'm sorry we do not have any service information for this brand.
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