Model Number: MER6875BAB
Brand: Maytag
Age: 1-5 years

I have a double Maytag oven model noted. Large front right burner outside element is not working. I ordered part# 74011844 from Parts doctor. Came quick and looked good. After taking my stove apart, I found that two of the wires don't match in sizes. They seem reversed. The small electical connectors have a thin size and a wider one. Couple of each actually. I can change one of the connectors to make it larger and this slide on the new part, but I dont want to mess up my stove or burn my house down. Has this happened to anyone else? If I reverse the wires on the two connectors they will fit, but wire lengths then become an issue and putting them back reversed doesnt seem wise. I am just wondering if over the model year's life if there were slight variations and this is no big deal. Help PLEASE. My wife wants her stove top back. Thanks - Matt