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Thread: frigidaire gallery random issues

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    Angry frigidaire gallery random issues

    Model Number: fghd2433fk1
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 1-5 years

    dw is just shy of 2 years old. replaced failed motor (wow what a lousy design that thing is) just after thanksgiving. was working fine and nice and quiet again, then we went on vacation for christmas. came home to find the display flashing Er and all the other segments flashing as well. cycled the power and it takes about 30 seconds before it starts flashing Er again. sometimes it'll show 80 or 36 on screen instead of er once i open/close it to clear the PF indicator. sometimes if i start a cycle right after clearing the PF, it runs the cycle all the way thru without issue. sometimes it runs for only a few seconds then throws some random error. the only recognizable error code i've seen so far is uo, but i cycled power and slammed the door (out of frustration), and now it's running a cycle again just fine.

    took apart the door, reseated all connectors on circuit board and it seems slightly more reliable but still throwing codes at random.

    i only paid 350 for this machine, so it doesn't make sense to spend another 200+ on ctrl panel & board when i've already put in a new motor... all that's left at that point is the drain pump and water valve, not counting small parts, and i'll have a whole new machine!

    seriously considering buying a different machine... something with a better-designed motor (seriously, they used a standard o-ring to seal the axle shaft - to me that is a conscious design desicion so that it will fail in a short time)... something not made by electrolux. and will of course be buying the extended warranty since nobody stands behind their stuff anymore...

    what would you suggest at this point?

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    forgot to mention that if the door is closed when it starts flashing Er/Clean/S/Washing/Drying, the drain pump starts running, and then runs for much longer than it does during a normal cycle. there's still a little water left in the sump but it's a normal amount. reseating all the connectors only seems to have helped for that one last cycle - i can't get it to behave again. trying to decide - do i spend ~120 on a new control board and save up for when the motor fails again next year (because it WILL - it's still a lousy design), or just throw this thing out and get something with a better design and better warranty (such as LG)?

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    It sounds to me like you may have a bad control board, touchpad control panel, or both. If you only paid $350 for the dishwasher, at this point it might be better to just replace it. Currently my favorite dishwashers are the Whirlpool and Kitchen Aid models with stainless steel tubs.
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