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Thread: Samsung VRT Steam Front Loading Washer No Drain Problem

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    Awesome thread, thanks everyone, cannot figure out which solder points to de-solder from the pictures unfortunately, mine is a little different.
    Have a bad board to practice on getting the relays out though,I know there are 4 points to de-solder from this thread, could someone please
    post a picture of a relay on the bottom showing the solder points ? I can then figure out on the otherside of the board which ones to de-solder.
    The pics in this thread are great but just can't see the solder points clearly when the relay is out of the board. Any help on this is appreciated.
    I am almost there !! to hopefully fixing this beast.

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    Repair follow up...Success! So, fortunately I didn't damage anything while learning to desolder and solder on a the actual part. My wife is still in shock, as am I, that it actually worked. Never thought the wash cycle finish chimes could be so beautiful. What did people do to seal up the tray after cutting holes into it. Right now, mine is just open, but I assume I need to put some tape on it or something.

    To Inbman, there are two different boards on this thread, and I was able to figure out the solder points from the pic. Here is a pick of the part from Amazon that shows the bottom of the relay.

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    Finsterfollly-- thanks for the link, have a spare board to practice before taking the plunge, yes all these boards are different, mine has 8 relays and the spare board I am experimenting on has 3 relays,
    and the machine it came out of has one more feature on it, go figure.

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