Model Number: Wdt970sahV0
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: 1-5 years


I was having an issue with my dishwasher not spraying out of the jets and narrowed it down to the circulation pump. I got a replacement drop in unit with the pump and motor assembly altogether. Once installed, I am getting the F2 E2 error and it will not do anything. From research, I see this is a user interface issue but this part was fine before I replaced the other parts. I did power the dishwasher back up with the parts removed on accident and that was when this error started. I was thinking this error code would go away after everything was hooked back up, not the case. I cannot figure out how to clear these codes and looking for some advice on the next step. Trying to avoid buying a new user interface as that didnt seem to be the problem before. Any advice would be very helpful, thanks in advance.