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Thread: Frigidaire Diswasher ER UO Error code [FIXED]

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    I have a uE code. Is there a reset or what part will I need to replace?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Our Frigidaire dishwasher had the same issue. When turning it on, it would make a clunking sound 4 or 5 times and then display the UO error code. We saw advice that connecting the brown and yellow wires inside the vent would be a temporary fix and that worked as long as you don't use heat-dry but is not safe to do.

    However, as it worked, we knew this meant the optical switch was not closing the circuit and had gone bad. The optical sensor is the tiny component labeled U1 on the small circuit board inside the vent under the fan.

    We ignored the "no serviceable parts inside" warning and replaced it with a nearly identical part from an online electronic components store that cost just 81 cents excluding shipping. We desoldered the old sensor, threaded the leads of the new part into the board and soldered the new part in. We had to clip the wires to the PCB when we removed it and simply resoldered them back. Be sure to label them before you cut them.

    The part was described as an Optical Switch, Transmissive, Phototransistor Output 2mm SLOT TYPE 30V. Specifically, it was made by Omron, model # EE-SX1105. Special tools required were a desoldering iron to remove the old component and a soldering iron and solder to install the new one. if you have soldering skills this is easy - my 15 year old had fun applying his skills. If you don't have soldering skills or equipment you won't want to attempt this unless you can find someone to help. My son only charged me $10 for his labor - it took him about 20 minutes. :-)

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