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Thread: Frigidaire Diswasher ER UO Error code [FIXED]

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    I have a uE code. Is there a reset or what part will I need to replace?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Just ordered the vent & fan assembly part through Part Dr and installed it. Now Fridgidaire dishwasher has run successfully 3 full cycles since fixed last night. Keeping my fingers crossed that we won't need a control board or something else anytime soon. Running out of money, HA! My model number is different from yours but I wish you the best for your model. Good luck.

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    Hi Dr. Parts,

    I am getting the same ER UO code, model number - PLD4375RFC3, SERIAL NUMBER - TH83628917. Can you point me to the correct part to order? Thanks!

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    Hi Doc P
    I have been getting error code uo also. I have not been able to locate any source that recognizes my model number which is Frigidaire fghd2465nw1a serial #th22582893. Can you help me? Thank you

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    I have uo code as well,but a funny thing happened when I threw the breaker and left off for a few hrs washer is running fine after breaker back on. Has anybody tried this? Should I order the part or did the computer reset?
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    I would not replace any parts unless it happens again in the near future.

    It is not uncommon for electronic controlled appliances to reset a false error when the power is shut off/on.

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