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Thread: Frigidaire Diswasher ER UO Error code [FIXED]

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    I have a uE code. Is there a reset or what part will I need to replace?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Just ordered the vent & fan assembly part through Part Dr and installed it. Now Fridgidaire dishwasher has run successfully 3 full cycles since fixed last night. Keeping my fingers crossed that we won't need a control board or something else anytime soon. Running out of money, HA! My model number is different from yours but I wish you the best for your model. Good luck.

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    Hi Dr. Parts,

    I am getting the same ER UO code, model number - PLD4375RFC3, SERIAL NUMBER - TH83628917. Can you point me to the correct part to order? Thanks!

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    Hi Doc P
    I have been getting error code uo also. I have not been able to locate any source that recognizes my model number which is Frigidaire fghd2465nw1a serial #th22582893. Can you help me? Thank you

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    I have uo code as well,but a funny thing happened when I threw the breaker and left off for a few hrs washer is running fine after breaker back on. Has anybody tried this? Should I order the part or did the computer reset?
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    I would not replace any parts unless it happens again in the near future.

    It is not uncommon for electronic controlled appliances to reset a false error when the power is shut off/on.

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    New to the forum so bear with me. Have the same error code on model #FGHD2433KF1, S#TH11532720. Can you please give me the part number for the vent? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdn View Post
    New to the forum so bear with me. Have the same error code on model #FGHD2433KF1, S#TH11532720. Can you please give me the part number for the vent? Thanks!
    Welcome! This is the vent & fan assembly for your model dishwasher:

    Vent & Fan Assembly - PD00000511 (mfg# 154861101)
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    I would like to pile onto this thread before I order a replacement vent & fan. I'm getting the UO error after about a minute of running my Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher. The part number on the V&F unit is 154773301, so I can line up the replacement without difficulty. But what I'm trying to figure out is if it's broken or if it might be the mainboard, based on the symptoms.

    I have the dishwasher out on a test rig so I can run it with my old unit still connected. I powered it up and turned it on. The fan associated with the vent & fan is spinning up, as it clicks on about 3 times and I see the fan spinning, but then the washer throws the UO error and it shuts down. I opened up the vent & fan and tinkered with it, and all of the parts seem to be moving freely. So it's receiving power, and the mechanism isn't binding. I didn't see any frayed wires up along the harness. But I'm not sure if partial power means the unit is working.

    Given that the fan on the V&F unit still runs, does this mean anything about the overall status of the unit? Should I still start by replacing this unit, or is it more likely that some other part of the system is broken? Is there a more detailed test to run to see what's happening? Can I send voltage to any of the pins on that header to see if the other parts of the unit are working?

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    Okay, never got a response to this, but I can now provide the update that I ordered a replacement vent/fan unit, and it worked perfectly out of the box. So, problem solved. There's still an open question on how to test the V&F unit to see what is broken, but unfortunately there isn't enough information out there on how to do this, specifically what to test and what to look for. So, $75 later, we have a functioning dishwasher, which has been run without incident through at least 2 dozen cycles since installing the new part. Definitely start with this part, and review return policies to see if you can get some money back in case the part doesn't solve your problem. It's an expensive assumption to make, but seems like it is generally the right one.

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