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Thread: samsung dryer error code HE in air fluff mode only

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    samsung dryer error code HE in air fluff mode only

    Model Number: DV395ETPARA/A1
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have a Samsung dryer model DV395ETPARA/A1. In "Air Fluff" mode the dryer heats up, gets extremely hot, and within about 4 minutes turns off with an error code of "HE". This does not occur in any other dryer mode - low/medium/high heat timed dry all work perfectly. It only occurs in air fluff mode. My manual indicates this error code refers to a venting issue or a bad thermistor. Took the machine apart and it is very clean on the inside, there are no venting issues, and I checked the ohms across the thermistor and they mesured well within range (11000 ohms at about 68-70 degrees). I didn't take the heating element out, but looked at it with a flashlight and it appears intact and not sagging. I checked the ohms for thermostat one and it was fine, but forgot to check the other two. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be the control panel?


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    Update - I put the dryer back together, no part changes, in order to verify the exact conditions causing it to overheat and shutdown (I wanted to check as many different timer/setting combinations as possible), and now it's working fine. Great, I guess I'll have to watch it like a hawk now.

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    Well that is going to make it difficult to diagnose! If the dryer is heating on the air dry cycle it is usually caused by one of two things. Either a shorted heating element or a bad control board that has a sticking relay. See the video below for how to test the heating element for a short. When you find what is causing the problem, please update us and let us know.

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