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Thread: Changed Dryer Fuse and All Was Fine; Changed Thermostat & Now it Won't Start

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    Question Changed Dryer Fuse and All Was Fine; Changed Thermostat & Now it Won't Start

    Model Number: AED4675YQ
    Brand: Admiral
    Age: 1-5 years

    In May 2013, I purchased an Admiral AED4675YQ 6.5 cubic foot electric clothes dryer. All went well enough until a couple of weeks ago when the dryer overheated and then would not start after the cycle had finished. I came home and checked it out (this happened while I was at work) and it wouldn't power on in any way. I figured it was the fuse and ordered a replacement (3392519). For good measure I also ordered a replacement thermostat (3387134). The vent had been filled with lint, so I cleaned that out as best I could, going so far as to use a blower and vacuum to help things along. I also replaced the vent duct itself. Then I replaced the fuse. Once the fuse was replaced, the dryer started right back up, just as it had. I put a load of newly-washed clothes in, and it dried them quickly. The only remaining issue was that it still seemed to be running a bit hot (the sides of the dryer were noticeably hotter to the touch). I went ahead and opened the dryer back up and changed out the cycling thermostat. After doing that, my dryer wouldn't start at all. I checked the breaker, and it was fine, so I just figured if was a faulty part and put the old one back on. After putting the old one back on, it still won't start. I'm quite sure that I put the wires on properly, and I don't see anything else that could be causing it not to start (considering the fact that it was working just before I changed the thermostat).

    Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?
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    If the dryer worked before you took it apart then I would double check everything that you touched while taking the dryer apart. If you have a multi-meter it would be a good idea to check the thermal fuses for continuity, there is a second fuse about the heating element. Also, if you can test the power at the outlet to make sure you have 220-240v.
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