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Thread: Whirlpool Duet washer has water sitting in tub every morning. Water Valve issue

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    Well, I have now changed out the inlet valve and flowmeter. Kept getting the FH code, so i ran through the diagnostic test and got stuck at C:02 on the cold water. Water was at a trickle, so I figured out how to skip through the test to check the hot water and it was just fine. So...I removed the water line from the house to the washer, soaked it in CLR and verified flow was coming through. I also changed the pressure switch in the washer. Hooked it all back up and ran through the diagnostic test twice with now issue. Roommate ran a load later, and it got stuck in FH again. Argh! Maybe it's the main computer, but not sure why it would affect only the cold water. Decided to throw in the towel and call a repairman....had to take off half a day, and he stood me up. So now, I'm down a washer for a week and a half and no idea what to do next....

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    I have a Maytag washer MHWE950WW01 and I think it needs a water inlet valve. The washer keeps filling up with water when I am not using it. What is the part number so I can order it from you?

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    The part number is WPW10247306
    Double check this by giving the model number when ordering.

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    I have a whirlpool model GHW9150PW4 duet front loader. I noticed water collecting in the barrel when it's not in use. I unplugged the machine and no water collected. Would this still be a valve issue? or an electrical component?

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    Sounds more like an electrical problem since unplugging it stops the water leak.

    You will have to check for voltage across the valves when the unit is plugged in but off.
    Check for both AC and DC voltage.
    Both should be 0 volts.

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    Same symptoms here! Model number GHW9150PW0. Also assuming it's the water inlet valve. Part number seems to be WP8181694, but just thought I'd double-check. Am I on the money?

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    Yes it looks like the correct part.

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