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Thread: Whirlpool Duet washer has water sitting in tub every morning. Water Valve issue

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    Yes the F20 error is also related to the water valve.
    It is that the unit is not getting water.
    A bad valve could be responsible for both problems.

    I think the correct valve is WP8182862 but it is always a good idea to double check this when ordering

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    Thank you for your help. I just placed my order for the valve, from your company. Have a great day.

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    whirpool duet WFW9400VE01

    I believe I have the same issue on a whirpool duet WFW9400VE01. Can you provide me with the model number of the water inlet valve.

    Thanks in Advance,


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    The part number for your valve should be WP8182862

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    Whirlpool Duet WFW9400VE01. Water filling up in the tub over a few days. Same Part#?

    The reason I ask is when I plug in my model# on your Store site ( it says "WE COULDN’T FIND THIS MODEL NUMBER".

    Please confirm.
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    Yes I believe it is the same part number

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    I have a stacked GE spacemaker WSM2420SCZWW. I only wash in cold so the hot water supply valve is always off. Also, I always turn the cold supply off when not in use.

    Because I was on vacation the washer was not in use for almost 3 weeks. When I went to do a load last night after putting some clothes in I noticed they were immediately wet and there was water in the top loading drum (about 1-2 inches above the drum base) - I don't remember if it was completely clear water or not. I continued with washing and all seems fine. There is no visible water in the drum now but it sounds like there may be a slow drip somewhere as it faintly echoes. Again, the supply lines are off. I can't figure out why this happened and if it is slowly filling below the level of the drum. Could this be the water inlet valve that needs to be replaced even though the shut off valves are off?

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    Here is a manual for this unit.

    To check for bad faucet shut off.
    Remove both hoses at the machine then place them in a pail if you get water in the pail then one of the valves is leaking.

    I have not worked on this type of unit so the below is a bit of a guess.
    It looks like the tub ring at the top of the tub is the type that has water in it.
    This helps in balancing the tub assembly.
    Perhaps it is just slowly leaking out this water.
    This may be normal.
    Often if you move the tub back and forth you can hear the water in the ring sloshing around.

    Below is a service manual

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    Hi, I have a Whirlpool Duet Model #WFW9400SW01. It has an occasional puddle in the barrel the next morning after a wash. When I see it dripping I've pulled the plug and it continues to drip. Could you point me to the correct Water Inlet Valve for this model.

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    Hi, I have a GE washer that also drips water into the tub when off, The model number is GTW680BSJ0WS. Could you advise me on the correct part to fix this problem? Thanks!

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    I need the replacement part numbers for both the 1) water inlet valve AND 2) handle for a Whirlpool duet HT model # GHW9400PWO. Thank you for this help!

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    dlt please see the below.

    Inlet valve

    Door Handle This is the light grey
    Also comes in:
    Dark Grey WP8182080
    Blue WP8181877
    Bisque WP8182082

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    I have a Whirlpool Duet that is leaking water into the tub while off. Last night flooded my washroom. Model WFW8640BW0 Serial C32851450. Can I please have your part number with a brief instruction on how to replace?

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    Well, I have the Whirlpool Duet model GHW9400PL1 with the same standing water issue. Did some googling and found the water fill valve to be a common culprit, ordered a new valve, replaced it and still had water standing in the drum the next morning. What a bummer! When I turn off the water supply levers at the wall, no leaks. Other than getting a faulty replacement part or they sent the wrong part (unlikely?), I'm stumped at what else may be the cause (i.e. my second google search has come up empty). Any other suggestions?

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    Since shutting off the taps stops the leaking into the tub you know it msut be a problem with the valve.

    Yes you could have received a bad valve.

    Also if your water pressure is low this can cause valves to leak re: they use the water pressure to help seal the valve.

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    Thanks for the quick response. I forgot to add that, after I replaced the valve, I ran a load just fine with the lid leaks around the new valve or lines, and the flow through the dispenser appeared normal. Water pressure has not been an issue in my home in the past, and it appeared to fill appropriately in the load I ran. Not sure how else to verify. I did not have water in the tub this morning after leaving the water lines open all night, so I am going to attempt business as usual this evening.

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    Sounds like a good plan.
    Could be that the valve just had to run a few times to seat/seal itself.
    Or it may have even has some dedris in it holding it open and that is now cleared.

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