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Thread: [FIXED] How to disable Bosch dishwasher cycle complete signal - with no LCD display

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    [FIXED] How to disable Bosch dishwasher cycle complete signal - with no LCD display

    Model Number: SHS5AVF2UC
    Brand: Bosch
    Age: Less than 1 year

    I am new to this forum and would like some advise from those that may have tried to disable the cycle completion signal on their Bosch units. I have found plenty of instructions on the web, but all have been with models that have the LED display. My recently purchased model (SHS5AVF2UC) does not have a LCD display. The manual the came with my unit does not properly depict the sequence to turn off this signal, although the manual states that the signal can be disabled. My model has the controls on the top of the door (accessible only when opened) and the following are available buttons which can be pushed:

    Delay Start
    Extra Dry
    Cycle Select

    The rest of the controls are just status indicators. I have attached pictures for reference. I believe all Bosch models have the ability of disabling the cycle signal, but require a certain sequence of pushing/holding buttons to be administered. I tried to call Bosch support and they could not assist, their only advise was to turn the breaker on/off. Any help from this forum would be greatly appreciated.

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    I was able to get someone from Bosch customer support to assist, the model in question is very new and the manual does not reflect the correct button sequence. I have attached instructions that work for this model.
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    Thank you for the update and posting the answer. I have updated the status of this thread to FIXED.
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    Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Bosch customer service couldn't even tell me what to do and sent me instructions that were wrong. This fixed my problem. Thank you so much!!!

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