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Thread: Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher Er Code blinking

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    Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher Er Code blinking

    Model Number: FGHD2465NF1A
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 1-5 years

    The display is blinking "Er" along with all other information, Drying, Washing, Clean, Dirty. The dishwasher drain pump runs sometimes when the door is closed. Random lights are flashing on the key pad and pushing keys does not change any function on the unit.
    The power is cycled on the unit and "PF" is displayed but "Er" flashing returns in about a minute. There are no visible discrepancies with the control board or key pad during inspection and all connections were checked.
    Is there a method to trouble shoot either control board or keypad to know which one to replace? I find it difficult to just swap parts and hope for the best, which is expensive and time consuming. I don't want to plug in a new key pad to a bad control board and damage the new key pad. Any suggestions?

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    Below is the manufactures information regarding the ER error code. There is not a way to test the keypad on this dishwasher. The manufacture recommends to start by replacing the keypad and we also see a much higher failure rate of the keypad so we recommend to start by replacing the keypad. Let us know what you find.

    ER Error Code: Membrane switch failure. Main control has detected a stuck key or a key pressed for more than one minute. Check connections. If correct replace key pad. If still exist replace main control.
    These are the parts for your model dishwasher:

    Console & Keypad Assembly - Part # PD00005242 (mfg # 807545704)

    Control Board - Part # PD00005351 (mfg # 154886103)
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