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Thread: Samsung Dryer stops with t0 error code

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    Samsung Dryer stops with t0 error code

    Model Number: DV328AER/XAA
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    error code t0 comes up about 10 minutes after starting. im not sure what to do!

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    Below is quote from this thread for information on what you need to test for this error code.

    The error code you are receiving is most likely a t0, which means thermistor open sensed. The dryer shows this error code when the thermistor resistance is very high. To test the thermistor you will need to unplug the dryer, and remove the thermistor from the dryer and using and Ohm meter to test the thermistor. The thermistor at room temperature should read approximately 10k ohms. If it is far off from that, the sensor will need to be replaced. Let me know what you find.
    This is the thermistor for your model dryer:

    Thermistor - PD00001996 (mfg# DC32-00007A)

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