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Thread: GE Dryer - gas smell AFTER replacing gas coils

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    GE Dryer - gas smell AFTER replacing gas coils

    Model Number: DDG5380BAL
    Brand: GE
    Age: More than 10 years

    Hi All,

    I have a VERY old GE dryer that runs absolutely great after probably 30+ years.
    Recently the coil went out, and I replaced it with the #WE4X560 coil set, purchased from the local authorized dealer Coast Appliances (Los Angeles).

    Since the replacement, everything's working fine EXCEPT for the continuous and minor gas leak. My laundry room develops a gas odor after several hours. It's a very small and slow leak, and my suspicion is that the replacement rubber ring doesn't fit exactly, or the height of the coil may be off by a fraction. The old part and new part look pretty much identical, which makes it all the more puzzling as to why this leak would take place.

    I tried loosening and re-tightening all the screws, and the smell went down (even away) for a couple weeks. Now it's back to smelling.

    I'm price sensitive and would like to save the potential $250 cost (diagnosis is about $100, and the replacement coil-set costs $130 from major appliance parts sellers - it's very old, like I said).

    The gas coil itself is not as user-replaceable as on modern units, the gas valves themselves aren't sheathed or supported by a collar. Later coil sets are a lot simpler to replace. I wondered if the valve poles are not properly seated, and tried to jiggle them into place. They seem to sit right - but perhaps someone with experience replacing a WE4X560 knows better.

    Can anyone offer any advice? Have you been through something simlar? Or am I doomed to have to call out the tech?


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    Either the new part was not installed correctly, the new part is defective, the gas valve is bad, or the leak is coming from somewhere else. I would double check that you have everything installed correctly and the o-rings in the correct places. If that checks out and you still have a gas leak, then I would turn off the gas supply to the dryer and call a technician to take a look at it.
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