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Thread: Dryer wont start. Please help and I just replaced thermal fuse.

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    Dryer wont start. Please help and I just replaced thermal fuse.

    Model Number: 90 series
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: 1-5 years

    Our dryer just stopped working. There was a dime on the thermal fuse and it melted part of the dime a little and it was black where it touched the fuse. So i replaced it with a new one and it still wont start.

    I am not a handy man and i have no idea what im doing other than youtube and forums like this.

    I tested the start button with a cheap ohm meter. It reads nothing but when I press the button while meter is attached it reads a number and will go back to zero.

    I noticed while i pressed and held the start button i heard something by the timer, timer little round metal thing, will spin inside but nothing will turn on. No heat, no drum spinning. the only things that moves is the piece in the round thing on the timer.

    Please help you if you can. Thanks!!!!

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    The model number you posted is not valid. If you open the door of the dryer, the model number tag is located around the opening of the dryer. Please also post which part number fuse you replaced.
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