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Thread: Samsung 3E Error - Motor/Hall Sensor testing options?

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    Samsung 3E Error - Motor/Hall Sensor testing options?

    Model Number: WA456DRHDSUAA0001
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    Hi guys,

    I have a washer in despair here. Looks to have the ol' famous 3E code. At this point, I have done research and am aware of other user's same issues with the hall sensor / motor...replacing them....and them not even being the issue - with the Main Control Board being the final culprit.

    I just read on another thread about testing procedures for the hall sensor and motor, originally found in a physical manual located on the back of the washing machine. Unfortunately, my manual wasn't there. Is anyone aware of these tests I can do? Or is that literature online somewhere? I have the Samsung manual downloaded from the Samsung website, will be reading through that in the meantime.

    Maybe I did this backwards, but now I will break down the symptoms of my washer in despair.

    It started giving the intermittent 3E code about a month ago, stopping in the middle of cycles - locking the door, just plain froze. Only way to fix it seemed to be to unplug it for about 10-15 minutes, plug it back in...then it seemed to work fine...for a few loads...then it would do it all over again. Now - now it doesn't work at turn it sits there...then beeps and gives the 3E code.

    Thanks for any information or advice anyone can provide on this fine Saturday.

    - Washer in Despair in Need of Repair

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    New to this site. I am having the same problems. Did you ever get any help or figure it out.

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    The most common thing we are seeing cause the 3E error is a bad main control board. See this thread for more information.
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