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Thread: Samsung Dishwasher lights blinking

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    Samsung Dishwasher lights blinking

    Model Number: DMT400RHS
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    When i start the dishwasher, after a few mins it stops with the Heavy and SmartAuto lights blinking...I tried draining it, after which it maybe goes a bit longer but stops.

    I have read other posts. If this is a bad drain pump-floater, can you suggest the part no. and where/how to replace it, please?


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    It looks like this is an Over Level Error. This occurs when the water reaches the top of the level sensor container. Things that can cause this are a stuck water valve, faulty flow meter, or possible drain issue. If the dishwasher doesn't look like it is filling up with too much water, then we most commonly see the Case Sensor Assembly being the problem. Another customer on our website wrote a good Repair Story about replacing this part here.

    This is the case sensor assembly for your model dishwasher:

    Case Sensor Assembly - Part # PD00023182 (mfg # DD94-01006A)
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