Model Number: CG206B
Brand: Jenn-Air
Age: More than 10 years

The control for one of the burners has seized.
By seized, I mean it will not turn and the other three knobs bounce up and down whihch this one does not.

Removing the knob and a cover exposes the gas control.
There is a spark ignition valve switch which is an inch and a half long. It is a white switch with a black cam and two wires.
It is sitting on a metallic gas valve which has the post the knob attaches to.
I am assuming this is the part that is seized and needs to be replaced.
The gas valve is seated in some kind of plate which I would assume distributes the gas to the burners. The gas valve has a gas line coming out of it headed to the burner assembly.

Anyone know how the spark ignition valve switch is removed from the gas valve?
It would appear from the parts diagram to be just jammed on.
And also how the gas valve is removed from the lower plate?

Thanks in advance.