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Thread: Samsung not cooling after all boards replaced

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    Samsung not cooling after all boards replaced

    Model Number: rsg257aabp/xaa
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    Freezer slowly stopped working then the fridge just quit cooling all at once. Replaced the LED panel (didnt work) replaced the main control board (didnt work) then replaced the inverter comp board and that did not work either. The compressor is running and the fan is blowing on it. If if leave it plugged in all night the compressor appears to still be working but the fan is stopped by morning and neither side is cooling. Lights and LED seem to be working fine. Any help is apperciated, I'm out of ideas.

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    Have you checked to see if either of the evaporator coils are getting cold?
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    I will check that tomorrow. I was messing with it yesterday and everything seems to come on (no error codes in test mode) and the freezer will start cooling but the compressor fan will only run for about 30 mins and turns off then everything goes warm again. Compressor is running, what would make the fan turn off? Just trying to figure out what part needs replaced. Cleaned everything-coils etc. inside fans spin free and there is no frost etc. Thanks in advance

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    Messed with the compressor fan long enough and got it working full time but fridge is still not cooling. Compressor and fan are running and the fan and evaporator in the fridge seem to be working (there is a little frost on top of the evaporator after a few hours) but the fridge is still not getting cold. The fan and evaporator in the freezer neither one are working. Im stuck?

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    Having the same problem. Had a repair man come out and said it was the main board but wanted more than I cared to pay so I just bought the board and installed myself. Still having the same problems. If you figure it out please share.

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    I am looking for video/instruction on how to replace the inverter control board??

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