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Thread: Dishwasher Leak or Overfill

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    Dishwasher Leak or Overfill

    Model Number: FGID2474QF0A
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have a frigidaire gallery dishwasher model FGID2474QF0A. I have replaced the lower door seal and the seal that goes around the tub. The lower door seal is different than any other dishwasher door seal I have found, as it looks more like weather stripping, than it does a dishwasher door seal. In spite of replacing both seals, water still continues to flow past the corners of the door seal, and leaks over the edge, in to the drip channel and activates the float on the bottom of the drip pan beneath the washer resulting in error code i30. I have tried to reinstall the door seals every which way I can think, and it doesn't help. I'm beginning to think maybe the dishwasher is overfilling with water. when I open the door, the water stops filling, so this tells me the communication to the fill valve is appropriate. The fill valve is metered at ~400ohms. When the water level gets to such that water begins to drip over the edge and in to the drip channel (and it's still continuing to fill), i open the door and I can see the lower spray arm is partially submerged in water- should there be that much water in the tub? Is the timer for the fill valve bad? does this dishwasher use a timer, or is it float based? if it is float based, I cannot find a water level float in the schematics. Should water leak past the corner of the door seals anyway? I'm thinking the bottom door seal is more of a "splash" seal than a hard and fast water dam; however, I don't know dishwashers. If in fact it is more of a splash shield than water dam, how much water should be in the tub? If it's timer based, how long should the timer run to fill with water?

    I've attached a pic of the lower left corner door seal point, where water first seems to enter the drip edge.
    The second pic has numbers 1, 2, and 3, which represent three different levels within the bottom pan. Level 3 is where the lower door seal meets the tub basis. water is filling beyond this level. Seem too much?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
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    As a follow up to this, i ended up replacing the Pressure Switch. The part i installed is the Electrolux A00055406 Switch, Pressure. It replaces item 12 on the parts schematic, and is part number # A00055401 in the parts catalog for this dishwasher. it appears it's a common part between several frigidaire/electrolux models. I found it on Amazon for $52. I ordered on Sunday night and it arrived today (Wednesday).

    The dishwasher now fills up only the bottom portion of the tub pan, which coincides with number 1, in the attached picture to this post. Previously, the tub was filling past number 3, going beyond the drip edge in the door.

    When i removed the old pressure switch there didn't appear to be anything wrong with it. it wasn't plugged up or anything, but did have some residue- no more than to be expected from a 2 year old dishwasher.

    So what i've learned here is, the dishwasher door seal is splash guard, and not a water dam. if water is getting past this bottom door seal, open the dishwasher and see what the water level is. if its at the door seal, the pressure switch may be the problem. Hopefully this is helpful to someone else experiencing this problem.

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