Model Number: PB978D P2BB
Brand: GE
Age: 6-10 years

My daughters Oven started shutting down while she was cooking dinner. Cooktop, Oven, all electrical loads. She would always restart it. Sometimes it would stay on for a while but eventually would shutdown again. Now it shuts off after 5 seconds. Also, the digital clock works (active and advances in time) but you cannot set the time of day. The clock key does not light or beep. She said that this has been like that for a very long time. The shutting down was her last straw. I found a F760 fault code in memory. "Bad internal touch key chip", replace Logic Board. This made sense about the clock but not the shutting down. I replaced Logic Board. Result: Still have F760 code and clock still cannot be set. I closely examined the glass touch pad/ribbon connector for a potential problem. It looks perfect! I don't know how to check the touch pad. A simple continuity test doesn't work with a thru-glass touchpad. Any help on this would be appreciated. I checked the voltage at the Logic connector from the RPSM, 24vdc is present. Has anyone out there experienced this?? Thanks in Advance.