Model Number:
Brand: Brand
Age: Less than 1 year

Model Number: pfss6pkxss
Brand: GE
Age: 6-10 years


I have a GE with a weird problem.. No Ice because the Ice room is not cold...the ice room fan is not blowing in there
Tried replacing the Thermistor, the Ice Room Fan, the Icemaker itself, and the Main Board after the GE Repair person said it was that

I just tried unplugging it for a day and pulling the Evaporator cover to check for ice.

What I have found is that you bypass the top door and just barely crack the bottom freezer door open (not making the light come on) you can feel the fan blowing in the ice room....I even let it thaw for a day and all is super dry....but why must the lower freezer door be cracked open for the Ice room fan to blow well into the Ice room? Crazy or not?