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Thread: New element not heating

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    New element not heating

    Model Number: FEF
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 6-10 years

    Hi there, I have a pretty basic frigidaire FEF series electric oven. A couple of days ago, the baking element blew with a lot of noise and some ash inside the oven. I recieved the new element today, expecting a pretty typical exchange. But, I can't get the new element to heat. The broiler works, as does the range and burners. There is no control panel, only clock and timer, the functions are controlled via dials.

    The resistance is fine, between 20-30 ohms. There is one red wire and one yellow wire connecting to the element. I have power to the red wire, but not to the yellow wire. the yellow wire runs to the dial that determines whether I want to bake or broil. When I place the meter on the yellow connection on the back of the dial and the red wire connection on the element there is resistance.

    I'm not sure if there is any other sort of reset or breaker inside the wiring, I don't find any. So, if any one know what else to check or can lead me to the part name and number of this dial control I'd greatly appreciate it.



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    Need the full model number so we can look up a wiring diagram.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denman View Post
    Need the full model number so we can look up a wiring diagram.

    yeah, that'd probably help! model number is FEF336BGWD

    thank you!

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    See the attachment for the wiring diagram.
    Unfortunately it does not show the wire colors.

    Unplug the unit and the wires at 3 and 1 of the Oven Infinite Switch.
    Set the switch to bake and 1 to 3 should be 0 ohms.
    if not the switch is shot.

    I believe the part number is 316032500 but it is best to double check this when ordering.
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    not sure what happened to my earlier reply to this, but I appreciate your help unfortunately I'm not too up on schematics. I'm not sure what position 1 and 3 are on this switch. However, if I disconnect the wire that goes from the element to this switch and the wire that goes from the thermostat to this switch (which also has a jumper to another lead on this switch) I get no resistance reading. the switch is set to bake and the appliance is turned off at the breaker.

    if you can give any further clarification i'd sure appreciate it!

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    It does sound like the switch is toast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denman View Post
    It does sound like the switch is toast.
    ya, I mean it can only be that switch or the thermostat, I think, since everything else is working. It seems like the best place to start, anyway.

    thank you for your help!


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