Model Number: FDB1050RES1
Brand: Frigidaire
Age: 6-10 years

We had a problem with our dishwasher filling but then it just stopped. I pressed cancel and it drained normally. We decided to see if it was the control panel and ordered a new one and installed it. It was doing the same thing where it would fill but then nothing happened so we ordered a new motor and just installed the new motor. When the power was turned back on the motor was running by itself. I opened the door to the dishwasher and it stopped but as soon as the door was closed the motor would run. I thought maybe the control panel wasn't the right one or was faulty so I put the old control panel back in and had the original problem where it would fill but then the motor wouldn't turn on. So I reinstalled the new control panel and again the motor is continuously running and not stopping unless the door is opened. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Both parts were purchased here. Thank you!