Model Number: KB-3300JS
Brand: Other
Age: 6-10 years

I have a Sharp KB-3300JS range / microwave. A couple of days ago I tried to turn off the oven after cooking a sandwich. The oven would not turn off and stayed on broil. None of the keys on the keypad would work. Microwave is on the same panel and it would not work either. To get it to turn off, I turned off the breaker at the breaker box. The next morning I turned the breaker on again and now there is nothing appearing on the panel to turn it on, off, microwave, timer, etc. It is as if there is no power going to the oven or microwave drawer. The burners on top work fine.

I looked at the Sharp manual for this unit and found that there is a fuse that could have been blown. I ordered a fuse and got it in. When I took the back off of the oven I do not find where this fuse could possibly go.

I need help in finding out where this fuse could possibly be located. I do not know for sure that this is my problem but thought it would be a good place to start. Can anyone help me repair my oven? I look forward to any help that you may be able to give me.