Model Number: RFG297AARS
Brand: Samsung
Age: 6-10 years

Hi. Hoping someone can help. I have a 7 year old Samsung refrigerator, Model RFG297AARS, that has a freezer issue. For several months I had noticed that ice cream and frozen food concentrate to be softening, but not melting completely. At the same time, the ice in the fresh food section icemaker was melting and clumping together. I cleaned the rear coils, compressor and fan are working, no error codes present, and I have unplugged unit several times to reset the circuit board. Still no change, so I called in a tech who determined it was a sealed system problem. He installed a bullet-piercing valve and charged the system, after which it is much worse than before. Now the freezer section, which had been fluctuating between minus four degrees and plus 28 degrees F, has risen to 50 degrees, and the icemaker no longer produces ice. Can anyone please offer advice or ideas? Thanks