Model Number: DV365ETBGWR/A3
Brand: Samsung
Age: 1-5 years


Hoping someone can help me with a question regarding Samsung part numbers.

I need to replace the PCB on a Samsung dryer as the existing one has failed (board is burnt). Model DV365ETBGWR/A3.

Based on research is looks like I need to replace with DC92-00669R which replaces old part DC92-00322V (BTW I see neither of these part numbers on the existing board). I see DC92-00142D, but when I type in the model it spits out above part numbers as a replacement with reviewers referencing this part fixing my model.

To the question - what do the letters at the end of the part number denote (i.e. DC92-00669R & DC92-00322V? I see a lot parts with the exact number, but the last letter is different. Does the last letter denote a version or release date? I'm trying to determine how significant the last letter is. I'm seeing better pricing on parts with the same number less the last letter.

Thanks in advance!