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Thread: Samsung IMC701 Ice Maker Failure

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    Samsung IMC701 Ice Maker Failure

    Model Number: RFG297-AARS
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    I'm reading your response about the clicking sounds with the Samsung IMC701 ice maker. I had the same problem with mine and when I pulled it there was ice in it, as with the other questioner, but the fingers couldn't push it out. I've had the repairman install 3 used ones in there and it's happened with 2, the third didn't work at all. I believe that the problem is that the heater isn't working because when I took it out and opened it up even I couldn't force the ice out of the tray. That's exactly what happened with the other one that clicked. Is there any way to fix the heating element? I have two of the ice makers apart here and I think the heating element is the problem. So three questions: Do you agree with my assessment of the problem? Two: Do you think the problem might be with the refrigerator not supplying power to the heating element? Three: Or does the ice maker circuitry control the power to the heating element?

    The ice maker is dated 8/29/2008, so perhaps the problem is related to the control board, Part # WR55X10763, you referred to in an earlier post. Do you agree? The ice maker itself is very expensive and frankly, at this point I doubt that a new one would make any difference.

    Finally, when I press the "Test" button it doesn't cycle, but I read that it had to get down to below 5 degrees before the test switch will work. Is that true? If so, will the ice maker compartment get that cold if I have "Ice Off" selected? My concern being turning it back on, having the same thing happen when I'm not home and ruining an otherwise working ice maker.

    Thank you in advance for your response.
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