Model Number: NTW4610YQ0
Brand: Amana
Age: 1-5 years

My wash machine work pretty well however most of the time but not always when it starts the spin cycle it will go way out of balance and bang really load and move around but after 5-15 seconds it will go in balance and the rest of that spin cycle is fine. It seems it has to get most of the water out first to get back in balance. I have found part number W10348658 Tub Centering Springs for this model of washer (NTW4610YQ0) however my washer does not seem to have these at all and there are no signs of it ever having them (signs like a broken spring or whatever). My question is they come in a pack of 2 springs, do I need to install 2 or 4 of these and if only 2 on which corners of the machine do they go? If they only go on the right or left side of the machine please say XXXXX side when looking at the front of the washer. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you,