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Thread: Kitchenaid Ice maker troubles

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    Kitchenaid Ice maker troubles

    Model Number: KSRS25iHSS02
    Brand: KitchenAid
    Age: 6-10 years

    Hello and Hope you can help
    I have the Kitchenaid KSRS25iHSS02
    - Ice tray filler tube froze and after I thawed it out ( switched freezer off for a day ) was able to blow through the back tube to confirm it was now clear.
    - The ice is now being produced but the Arm in the ice tray is no longer rotating to push the produced ice cubes into the reservoir.
    - I have two of the same refrigerators and switched the ice maker from the working refrigerator and the Arm on the second Icemaker also was not rotating where it was working in the other unit.
    - I have checked the Ice Maker Control door sensors as per information sourced in this forum. Basically with the flap pushed in the red light is solid.
    - I also used my Multi Meter to determine if there was power to the ice maker. The plug has 4 pins . with wires colored white ,Black, Brown and Green. testing between Black and white 107Volts. Testing between Green and Black 107 Volts. Testing between Brown and Black 107 Volts. This was the same voltage readings regardless of the sensor and flap position.
    I have read similar scenarios where people have recommended a new water inlet valve but in those cases I saw no mention of the Ice tray arm not rotating.
    I would sure appreciate any help you could provide or suggest I try.

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