Model Number: G17FVCWY00
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: 1-5 years

I have a whirlpool gold model G17FVCXWY00 and it stopped making ice. This unit has the infrared beam mounted in the door unit itself and I do not know how to test it since it does not blink red or have any visible color like my old fridge which have how to test info everywhere. How do I test the invisible infrared unit on this model?

Also, the ice maker is difficult to access since it is behind some trim snapped in place - it has no water in the cube area based on my finger probe. I unplugged fridge several times and the tray tried to cycle - made sounds - and even once it tried to add "some" water but only once - suspicious of frozen line as the issue started with water all over in the fridge from I assume the water line to ice maker as the source - but the water issue has stopped and no ice production.