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Thread: Whirlpool Gold Fridge - no ice (infrared beam in door and not fridge body)

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    Whirlpool Gold Fridge - no ice (infrared beam in door and not fridge body)

    Model Number: G17FVCWY00
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have a whirlpool gold model G17FVCXWY00 and it stopped making ice. This unit has the infrared beam mounted in the door unit itself and I do not know how to test it since it does not blink red or have any visible color like my old fridge which have how to test info everywhere. How do I test the invisible infrared unit on this model?

    Also, the ice maker is difficult to access since it is behind some trim snapped in place - it has no water in the cube area based on my finger probe. I unplugged fridge several times and the tray tried to cycle - made sounds - and even once it tried to add "some" water but only once - suspicious of frozen line as the issue started with water all over in the fridge from I assume the water line to ice maker as the source - but the water issue has stopped and no ice production.

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    I have the same issue. Has anyone learned how to test this type of sensor?

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    I got this link for the manual which has service info!!! Look at section 4 and page 97-98 for onboard diagnostic tests. The correct model is Gi7FVCXWY (Y is stainless version). i have not worked on my fredge yet so let me know if you find your issue and same here.

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    This manual is most helpful. I went through the test procedures (section 6-1, 6-2) and the ice level sensor tested good. However, test 18 (ice maker fill) possibly showed some potential problems. It did not cycle. Pressing the test switch didn't produce any changes. Can someone tell me what this actually means? The water dispenser works fine, however the ice maker mold stays empty.

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    Thanks for the update Jim - I am testing my fridge tonight. The manual may save the day as I want to order some parts from our forum sponsor!!! I have the EXACT same problem you describe

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    I installed a new ice maker from the Parts Dr and in 45 min it was making ice and over night almost a bin full. Removing the old ice make was a nightmare as water had leaked from old unit and froze it in place like a block of ice so it would not release. After hair dryer and fussing for 30 min it came out and then the project was a yawn. Oh I forget to mention the super man power needed to remove the front trim piece across the whole front - another real PITA - why it did not snap into pieces was amazing, tough lower trim releases, thanks Whirlpool, can't screws be used sometimes.

    Thanks again to the Parts Dr forum moderator for the manual on this undocumented model!!! It made this possible and the onboard diagnostics really helped.

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    Apparently I need to do the same repair and will order the part today from the Parts Dr. What test actually pointed you to the ice maker itself being the problem? When I performed diagnostic test number 18 and pressed the ice maker test button nothing happened. Did you have this same result on your test?

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    Yes - same here. Nada happened and all other components tested and seemed ok so I made the bet --- ice bin full this AM one day later. I hope your ice maker is not one big block of ice like mine was since it was a real PITA to remove that way, use a hair dryer and be very patient to avoid expensive broken plastic pieces.

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