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Thread: Error F25 - Kenmore Elite Washer 11047086600

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    Error F25 - Kenmore Elite Washer 11047086600

    Model Number: 11047086600
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: 6-10 years

    Hi all, Thanks for your help in advance.
    My issue is the washer drum spins for 2-3 revolutions and then stops i don't get the F25 error right away it continues with spinning the drum 2-3 for awhile and then i get the error code F25.

    I have read multiple forums about this error F25 and i have checked and replaced the following Motor and MCB. i'm still getting the error. i have read that reconnecting the water sensor has worked. also people have found socks and stuff blocking the drum from spinning. but mine spins freely. can anyone help. thx
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    Went ahead replaced the MCB again that resolved my issue.

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