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Thread: Dryer not drying

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    Dryer not drying

    Model Number: Dv328aew/xaa
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    I have a Samsung dryer it gets hot, but doesn't dry on the sensor cycle, also on the timed cycle it takes me at least 2 or 3 times to get it to dry anything. That is being set on a medium or high heat for an hour straight. We cleaned the lint we cleaned all the hoses it's getting good air flow. But not sure what the problem is with it now.

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    Just to eliminate the vent system try the following

    Unplug the unit and disconnect it from the vent system.
    Now try a run.
    If it now dries OK odds are the vent system needs checking/cleaning.
    Be sure to check that the louvers on the outside of the house open correctly.

    If you do not want any lint in the house.
    Take a pair of pantyhose.
    Put one leg into the other and then attach this to the dryer's vent.
    Leave enough room so the pantyhose can balloon out like a windsock.

    Both the above will let you check the temperature and the air flow.

    Note: The above is not recommended for gas dryers due to carbon monoxide concerns.

    If you still have the problem check the lint filter.
    Sometimes they get coated with fabric softener residue and need to be cleaned with soap and water.

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