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    Model Number: SHP65T55UC
    Brand: Bosch
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have new handle but cannot get the old one out. Screws are out. Don't want to scar the surface by prying it out. Any suggestions?

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    I got the below from AppliancePartsPros perhaps it will be helpful to you.
    Note that it is for a different model but the part numbers match yours so it should be the same.

    As a courtesy I will provide the following instructions for how I approached replacement of the handle. One will need a needle nose pliers and a TORX bit of the appropriate size which will fit all screws. 1. Unplug the dishwasher. 2. With the door of the dishwasher in the upright closed position, remove the three TORX screws (that are set at an oblique angle for ease of access) holding the upper exterior portion of the handle in place. 3. Place appropriate thickness cushions or pillows on the floor in front of the dishwasher and then open the door completely into the downward position. 4. Remove all TORX screws at the interior perimeter of the dishwasher door, noting that the three inferior screws on either side of the door are shorter than the remaining screws. Make sure that you set the screws aside in proper order so you will know where to replace them. 5. As you remove the screws, the front of the door will fall away from the rest of the door on to your cushions and be sure not to over-stress the wiring harnesses that do not have to be disconnected. You will not have to disturb any of the wiring harnesses or any other parts. 6. INSPECT your replacement part and then look at the backside of the handle that is still in place on your dishwasher. There are four tabs along the bottom portion of your replacement part that are likely below a white sticker. With a needle nose pliers, gently break the tabs loose from the door that are at either end of the handle. This maneuver will allow for gentle removal of the handle from the door fascia. Don't worry, you will be throwing this part of away. 7. Apply slight pressure on the central portion of the handle in the center where the two remaining tabs are still holding the handle in place, in order to disengage the center two tabs, and gently rotate the handle out of the door. Throw it away. DO NOT try to force the part out of position as you may damage the front fascia of the dishwasher. 8. Put your new handle into position on the underside of the door and gently push upward and it will snap into place. 9. Realign the front of the dishwasher with the door itself, with the door still completely open, and replace all the TORX screws making sure that the short screws go in on either side in the lowest three holes. 10. Close the door, replace the three TORX screws that were removed from the underside of the outer portion of the handle, and replace the power connection cord into its socket and you are done.

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