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Thread: Hotpoint GE refirgerator T series

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    Hotpoint GE refirgerator T series

    Model Number: HTH17CBT2RWW
    Brand: Hotpoint
    Age: 6-10 years

    Good morning,
    I picked up a used, but great shape hotpoint (GE) T series refrigerator/freezer (HTH17CBT2RWW) for free a few months ago. The owners said the freezer quit working.
    I bring it home and EVERYTHING worked great for a little over a week, then fridge and freezer were room (garage) temperature.
    I unplugged it for a week, and plugged it back in. It worked for 3-4 days flawlessly. Then once again stopped.
    I noticed a few nights ago after more in depth investigations that when I plugged it in, compressor and fan turn on, then after about 30 seconds I hear a click and the compressor shuts off.
    I'm a mechanic, but no a troubleshooter for appliances/electronics.
    Any help or insight is appreciated. I absolutely don't want to scrap this super nice, free, fridge.
    Thank you

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    I am assuming that when the compressor shut off the condenser/compressor fan stayed on.

    Sounds like the compressor is overheating and tripping the overload.

    Check the compressor winding's with a meter.

    If the compressor winding's are OK does not mean that the compressor is OK as it may have other mechanical problems.

    The start device and capacitor are difficult to check so usually just trying new ones is the way to go.

    Although the following is not for your specificunit it may be useful to you.
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