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Thread: Whirlpool Dryer GGW9250PL1 blowing thermal fuse

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    Whirlpool Dryer GGW9250PL1 blowing thermal fuse

    Model Number: GGW9250PL1
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: More than 10 years

    My Whirlpool dryer GGW9250PL1 is not heating. A repairman replaced the thermal fuse a few weeks ago and it started working fine. Then it stopped heating again two days ago. The repairman thought the replacement thermal fuse was faulty and replaced again. After one load this morning, no heat.

    I checked the thermal fuse and it is again open.

    I checked the thermistor and it seems to be fluctuating at room temp from 9.7 kohm to 12kohm. Is this normal?

    The high limit thermostat has continuity

    Tested the gas valve coils as well. The three prong coil appears to be in spec. The two prong coil reads 1307 ohm. Spec is 1220 ohm +/- 50.

    Is the gas valve coil or the thermistor the reason for my blown thermal fuses? No obstructions in the venting. Service tech checked both times he was hear and said it was great.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    The gas coils wouldn't cause the dryer to over heat. The thermistor fluctuating at room temperature isn't normal. The thermistor should only change in resistance when the temperature changes. Does the dryer heat when you run it on an Air Dry (no heat) cycle?
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