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Thread: GE Washer making noise

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    GE Washer making noise

    Model Number: GFWR2700H0WW
    Brand: GE
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have a GE model GFWR2700H0WW front load washing machine that is only a few years old. It began making noise when spinning, gradually getting worse and would shake and sound like a plane taking off during the spin cycle. My wife called me to look at it one morning, and when I spun the drum by hand slowly there was a terrible racket, which I assumed was bad bearings. Having replaced bearings in a front load washer before, I told her I'd have to order a bearing and seal kit and take it completely apart when the parts arrived.

    Well, the parts came, and when I took the steel drum out of the plastic plastic tub, the bearings do not look bad and I still had the noise! I found it was coming from what sounded like ball bearings in what I came to learn is called the balance ring, however I do not remember it being this noisy before. Having the machine apart I can not test.

    My plan is to order a balance ring and replace it along with the bearings, but my question is: Is this ring supposed to be filled with a liquid (oil) of some sort? Mine is dry and I found a crack along the outside. Could this have been the entire problem?

    Your thoughts?

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    Yes I believe the balance rings are normally filling with a liquid like anti-freeze. If you don't see anything that caused it to crack then replacing the balance ring will most likely take care of the problem. Let us know what you find.

    This is the balance ring for your model washer:

    Balance Ring Assembly - Part # PD00030879 (mfg # WH45X10138)
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