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Thread: small hole in outer tub near air trap

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    small hole in outer tub near air trap

    Model Number: MFW9800TQ0
    Brand: Maytag
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have a leak in my washer. Leak from air trap area. Just purchased new air trap. After taking off the air trap there is a small hole in outer tub. It does not appear as if it is supposed to be there. It is thickness of a dime and app. 1/4 inch long. I believe it may have been caused by vibration of airtrap (also small blemish in airtrap in same region). Airtrap was only held on by one screw. There are two holes for screws and the other hole was never used. If this is a flaw how best can I seal the plastic outer tub so that it will not leak in future.

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    The hole in the outer tub does not sound normal to me. I haven't heard of any good ways to repair a hole in a plastic tub. If you find a good way to repair it please let us know.
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