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Thread: fridge ice dispenser not workling

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    fridge ice dispenser not workling

    Model Number: tbx25prbslbb
    Brand: GE
    Age: More than 10 years

    GE model tbx25prbslbb.
    Still make ice, but not dispensing. Need help diagnosing what part to order.
    If I take the ice holding tray out and push the crushed and ice button, nothing happens. Push the ice cube button and make loud bang noise. The two auger prongs don't turn unless I it them manually. I need help figuring which part to order.

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    The next step would be to check to see if there is 120v AC power being sent to the ice dispenser motor when the motor should be turning.
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    Sorry, new here and not sure about how to post. Not trying to hijack the thread, just need advice for a similar problem. I'm looking for some help on a GE Profile side-by-side unit. Has suddenly stopped making ice. Seems like there is no water in the ice-maker. I can get water from the water dispenser on the front door. I previously had to replace the ice-maker unit about a year ago, and it has worked fine since until this week.

    All the mechanisms for dispensing ice seem to work properly. Tried to do the reset - the arms will rotate, but no water comes into tray.

    I have not changed the filter in some time - may be clogged?

    Should I try a new ice-maker kit, or does it sound like a water valve kit problem? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I would suggest you check pressure value of the water inlet valve or you can try to replace it once.

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    Im having a similiar problem. Kenmore253.54669409 does not consistently dispense ice. Tried replacing motor and had no change. When depressing ice dispenser paddle you hear the loud click and a hum/vibration. Sometimes the auger turns, other timws it doesn't. Water does dispense always. Looking for ideas. switch?

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